Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


An artistic form in which materials are made into three-dimensional art objects.



We are learning to manipulate Play Doh in different ways to create models and simple representations of objects and things in the world around us. Some of the techniques we like to use include using rolling pins to flatten, rolling balls in our hands, squishing between our fingers and a variety of cutting tools.


Take a look at our works of art!


Year One - Tea light holders


Whilst learning about Diwali, the Year 1 children moulded their own clay tea light holder. Beforehand, they studied some real tea light holders and also looked at photographs of decorative holders too. After this they were able to explore the clay, rolling into balls and sausages and also exploring the use of a rolling pin and crafting tools to add detail and pattern to the clay. Next, the children discussed the success criteria - how would the children know that they have made a successful tea light holder?  It would be able to hold a tea light. To help with their modelling, each child was given a tea light candle so they could continue to check that their design/model was suitable, and if not, make appropriate adaptations. Finally, the children used lots of bright colours to add decoration, before taking them home and teaching their families about the meaning behind them.

Year Two - Moths

Linked to their history topic and school trip, the Year Two class sculpted their own Amy Johnson moths. This further linked to a key event in our own locality.

Year Four - The Iron Man


Our Year 4 class studied 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes as their class text last term. They used this as the inspiration for their sculpting topic and their aim was to create a 3D Iron Man. The children spent time analysing pictures of the Iron Man and identifying key features that would be vital to their models. They experimented with different media and enjoyed the tactile experiences of pipe cleaners and foil. At each stage children were given time to explore the skills in isolation, have a 'play' and then apply what they had learnt to a following model. On Monday 7th February, Year 4 welcomed Holly from Thread and Press who led a full day sculpting workshop. Each child created a wire Iron Man using floristry wire of different thicknesses and pliers. In the coming weeks they will be covering their sculptures with brown tissue paper and PVA and sponging them with paint to give the effect of rusting iron. Watch this space for the finished products. 

Year 5 - Remembrance Day


This year, each member of the Year Five class created a poppy tile from clay to represent peace. First they sketched their design, next they cut a base tile and then they learnt to use the slip and scratch method to join. Finally, they were painted to make each Poppy stand out from the crowd.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Whole School Trip