Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 1



In Maths we have been matching numerals and quantities correctly.

In literacy we have been learning about the bear hunt story. We enjoyed retelling the story whilst outdoors.

Maths - We are learning to read and write numbers as words and match the correct quanitity.

Maths - We have used the cubes to help us to find one more than a given number.

Maths - We are learning how to use a number line accurately to find one more and one less than a given number.

Dig it day - We planted bulbs alongside the school drive (look out for them in spring).

Science - We've enjoyed lots of nature walks outdoors to observe the changes that happen during autumn. In art we mixed colours to create an autumn tree.

Maths - We are learning to add two single digit numbers using the part-part-whole model.

Geography - Searching for flags that we recognise using the atlases.

The Gruffalo - We made story maps to help us to retell the story of the Gruffalo.

We played a game of 'shake and add' to help us learn our number bonds to ten!

Maths - We used the paints to help us work systematically when finding all the number bonds to ten.

Maths - We used objects from around the classroom to make patterns.

Turner - Shipwreck

Zoolab - we enjoyed a visit from zoolab and many of us were brave enough to hold some of the animals!

Maths - We used the multilink to help us to count in steps of 2s.

Maths - We are learning about repeated addition and found objects from around the classroom to help us with our representations.

Maths - We are learning about arrays.

ICT - Programming using the bee-bots

Science - We enjoyed a walk around the local area to search for wild and common garden plants.

Art - We created our own representations of Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers

Spelling bee - We were all ready proud of ourselves for trying hard in the year 1 spelling bee.