Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Subject Overview


At Springhead School, we aim for our students to develop a strong knowledge of the different religious and non-religions worldviews represented in our community and in Great Britain. Students will learn about different concepts such as God, creation, belonging and peace through the lenses of philosophy, theology and social sciences and will be given opportunities to explore what the different concepts look like in different worldviews. Christianity remains the principle religion in our school community as well as in Great Britain and this is reflected in the curriculum time it is given. However, most units will provide frequent opportunities for children to consider the teaching, principles and practices of other worldviews, primarily Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism and Humanism. Our school ethos is to ignite ambition and through good quality teaching, and experiential, enquiry-led learning in Religious Education our learners will be equipped with the deep knowledge and understanding they need to achieve their ambitions within a diverse society. Through regular, well-structured, multi-disciplinary lessons, we aim to increase the cultural capital of our learners so that they leave our school as informed global citizens. Respect and understanding are at the heart of everything that we teach so that we can support our students to live peaceful and happy lives.