Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Pupil Voice

Birthday Books

Instead of our children bringing sweets and cake into school to celebrate their birthday, we now encourage them to donate a book into our 'free choice' reading collection. We are giving our children 'a voice' and allowing them to tell us what they enjoy reading. Here are Eilidh and Matilda donating a book each in celebration of their birthdays.

What do our children say about reading?

Year 1 - Ava

"I just love reading all the time because I learn new things. I get to go on new imaginary adventures. It's great. I read in the morning, I read at breakfast, I read at school, I read at bedtime. I'm just always reading."

Year 2 - Thomas

"I enjoy reading. It is up there with football."

Year 3 - Carter

"I don't want to stop reading it. It's so good."