Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Year One - Hand Puppets


Step 1 - Research

The children told a familiar story using hand puppets of various sizes. They then looked at some puppets hand made by their teachers. They discussed how the puppets move, how they are joined together and how they are decorated.


Step 2 - Trial and Error

The children suggested different techniques for joining two pieces of material - Sellotape, staples and glue were the most popular. With this in mind, the children were given two triangles of felt and asked to join using these three techniques to create a simple finger puppet. They then discussed their results with a friend and were asked which technique they would like to use when making their hand puppet - glue was the preferred choice due to its neat finish.


Step 3 - Design

The brief was to make a hand puppet that you could use to tell a story. Some children thought of their own ideas, whilst others needed a little more support, so they researched ideas on the computer with an adult. Before they designed their puppet, the children were shown the available resources to aid in their creativity, for example, when the children saw shiny gems available, one child used it as a pigs snout, another as a unicorn horn and another as an eye patch for a pirate.


Step 4 - Make

The children had great fun and learnt lots of new skills through this task. Measuring, accuracy, use of glue guns as well as using sharper material scissors. Children tried hard to cut the felt material and we discussed the importance of persevering when new challenges occur.


Step 5 - Evaluate

'This is the best day ever' - Lucy.

The children were keen to take their creations home to show to their families. We also used them in school to tell stories and role play during world book week. They all expressed that they enjoyed the process and the using of the final product. Reflections showed that, should the children make another hand puppet, they would make them slightly larger to ensure their whole hand could fit inside, as well as using more glue to make them more durable.

Year Five - Out of this world!

Our Year 5 class will be creating their space themed work this term. Check back here soon to see some photos of us in action.