Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 6

Some of the children from Year 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge. This is a national competition. Well done for doing so well!

"It really made me think hard!" said Layla.

Having learnt about healthy eating in Science, we have been designing our own healthy pot noodles for our DT work. We tasted some first, then designed and created our own. They were very tasty!

Year 6 had a great time at the theatre where they watched a production of Pinocchio.

Year 6 have started learning about perspective in art. Our fantastic work uses lines of perspective to create 3D shapes.

Year 6 girls spent a fantastic afternoon at the Women in manufacturing and engineering fair to learn about all the amazing jobs in science, maths and engineering that are available to them in the future in our region.

Having read 'The Great Trouble' by Deborah Hopkinson as our class text, we had a live webinar with the author herself.

She told us about how and why she wrote the book, and the research that it involved.

She also shared her brand new picture book with us, which she had only just received from her editor, and we were

the first people in the world to see it!

What effect does exercise have on our heart beat?

We planned and carried out an investigation to find out.