Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 6

ART - Sculpture 

We have been looking at the artist - Athony Gormley. 

He has made famous sculptures such as 'The Angel of the North'. 

Look at his piece 'The Field' below and compare it to our piece of work. 

Do you think they are similar? 

Today Year 6 have been outside in the snow and made a fab snowman. His name is Bob.

We have been designing our own menu for a healthy, three course meal. Today we made pizzas from scratch. We made the dough, left it to rise, rolled the dough out into a shape of our choice and then chose our own toppings. They tasted amazing.

Homework Activities


Year 6:


This may seem a lot but it is a preparation for secondary school.

  • Weekly reading target (should be about 20 minutes at a time, minimum of 4 times a week)
  • Spellings for weekly test
  • Additional maths/English tasks where necessary
  • Doodlemaths at least 3 times and at least 30 stars per week

Class Rules

Sports Leaders 2020/2021

Macy, Oliver and Jack have been chosen as our Springhead School Sports Leaders.   They were picked for the role after applying for the position.  Their job is to help with clubs, matches and equipment.  Hopefully they will be able to run some games on a lunchtime soon.  Well done to you all in your new roles.  

Science Work 

We have been look at the circulatory system this half term.  Today, we dissected some pig's hearts to see what our hearts look like on the inside.  we saw the atriums and ventricles and some of the major arteries and veins. 

Halloween in Year 6