Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Educational Visits

'The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom, as we were taken on countless theatre visits and trips to places of interest.'


Alan Bennett

Educational Visits


During the year it is likely that the children will make visits to places associated with their work. There may also be visiting speakers and perhaps travelling theatre companies. All these things have to be paid for and it’s usually necessary to ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost. The cost can usually be paid in instalments. No child will be excluded from an activity because the parents have not made a contribution, but the school may have to cancel a planned activity if there is insufficient financial support. If we ever ask you for money and it causes a problem, please do get in touch with the Headteacher, in complete confidence.



We always try to enrich our curriculum and give our children meaningful experiences and firmly believe that you can't beat 'hands on' experiences to bring topics to life.


Clare Johnson, the Local Authority Educational Visits officer joined one of our school trips on a monitoring visit. Here are some quotes from her report:


"The leadership and supervision provided by the school staff was exemplary, and they were clearly committed to providing a safe and valuable learning experience for the students involved. I was particularly impressed by the level of care they showed towards their students, and by the way that they engaged so positively with them throughout."

"Please continue to organise educational visits which provide our young people with some of their most treasured memories and valuable learning experiences".


Before taking children on educational visits, we carry out a full risk assessment. We adhere to the Local Authorities' ratio of adults to children - 1:5 in Reception, 1:6 in Year 1 - Year3 and (at the very least) 1:15 Year 4 - Year 6. Written consent is needed from parents/carers before any child takes part in an off-site activity.