Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

School Values


Springhead Primary School

Vision and Aims


Our vision is for school to be a place where children are happy, confident and resilient. We want our children to surprise themselves with how well they can do. We believe that children need to learn that success is not an entitlement, but something which has to be worked for, and that they can have fun along the way. Our vision is for children to leave our school equipped with the skills, ethos and mind-set ready to thrive in today’s world.



Igniting Ambition


We believe that to expect a great deal from all children is to pay them a compliment: no-one ever regrets their achievements.


We aim to:


  • have happy children with high self-esteem


  • promote resilience and perseverance


  • create enjoyable and stimulating teaching experiences which develop enquiring minds


  • develop confidence and encourage self-expression through a curriculum that is broad, balanced and arts enriched


  • raise aspirations and broaden horizons so that all children’s lives are enriched


  • encourage children to hold positive, caring attitudes, understanding both their rights and responsibilities


  • build a sense of community across diverse cultures


  • support parents to support their children