Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 5

Home Learning


There are many useful websites that you could use at home if you are looking for extra activities to do during this extended time away from school. 

Here are the links below to some of the websites we feel have great resources and inspiring ideas. 


Twinkl Parents is a good website that has a range of resources available.


Reading -

Free E-books - username:wbsupport password:distancelearn


Maths -

Gareth Metcalfe's website has daily lessons that you can follow under the home learning tab and selecting Year 5 and Year 6.



Geography -


Languages -


The Dyson Foundation has brilliant ideas to help you be creative at home.


The School Run also often adds fun activities to the website that can be carried out at home.


Even though there are many resources available for you to use, we feel it is important to have time to relax too. 

There are other websites which offer dance, yoga and PE videos.

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga –  This website has some nice resources and a free 2 week trial on the app. When accessing the videos via YouTube it is completely free.
  • Just Dance – Accessed via YouTube (please make sure the music/lyrics are appropriate for younger children).
  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) – PE with Joe is live every day on YouTube


Mrs Hogben and Miss Lowther






Homework Activities


Year 5:


  • Weekly reading target (should be about 20 minutes at a time, minimum of 4 times a week)
  • Spellings for weekly test (see homework diary for how well they did)
  • Mental maths practice for weekly test (see Home School Record for how well s/he did)
  • Maths homework once a week
  • Additional maths/English tasks where necessary
  • Doodlemaths at least 3 times and at least 30 stars per week

Class Rules

In Year 5 we agree to:

  • Work hard, always making sure we try our best
  • Respect everyone in our school
  • Be safe, looking after ourselves and other people
  • Be responsible for all your own equipment, including your P.E. kit
  • Wear proper school uniform and look after it
  • Remember to do your homework and bring it on time
  • Be on time for school and have excellent attendance
  • Be truthful, friendly and polite
  • Have excellent behaviour inside and outside the classroom

Sport Relief - Keep fit video

Still image for this video

Year 5 went on a trip to Ewden Water treatment works where they learnt about the processes involved in making water safe to drink once it has left the reservoir.

They had a tour around the treatment works, learnt what happened when there is a leak in the road, found out about the work of WaterAid and practised their handwashing techniques.

Can you identify the book characters that Year 5 have made using their potatoes?

Year 5 have been learning about forces in Science. They used the parachute to explore gravity and air resistance.

Video of outside parachute.MOV

Still image for this video

Year 5 then they made own parachutes to find out how the size of the canopy affected the time it took to land. Watch the slo-mo videos of our parachutes.

Video of inside parachute.MOV

Still image for this video

Video of inside 2.MOV

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Year 5 have been using paint effects and silhouettes to produce Blitz pictures.

Mrs Wallis, who is a STEM Ambassador and works at BAE, came in to work with Year 5 on their forces topic. We made Stomp rockets, built structures using wine gums and made Harrier Hawks to investigate air resistance.

Year 5 have been learning to dance the Charleston in PE – They will soon be appearing on Strictly come dancing!

Year 5 have been studying the work of Clarice Cliff and then designing and making their own plates out of clay. They have used the same features as Cliff did in her work.

Year 5 have been using their maths to measure and weigh out ingredients for their Christmas cakes. They were converting kilograms to grams and reading scales in millilitres and grams. They worked together in groups, following the recipes and learning new baking techniques.

Don’t forget to ask your mums and dads whether you can bake some tasty treats at home to keep practicing your skills!

They decorated their cakes and then used more maths to make a box that would fit.

Year 5 have been combining their knowledge of levers in Science with their D and T skills and making a Christmas card that moves. Behind each card there is a complicated lever mechanism.


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Still image for this video