Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Children's Work

Whole School Drawing Workshop


During well-being week, the whole school participated in a drawing workshop delivered by a professional artist, Holly from Thread and Press. The children spent time experimenting with the different grades of pencil and the older children also used rulers for measuring and rubbers for lightening. Each class had a specific focus including work on proportion, texture, tone and lines to add 3D effects. All children were highly engaged throughout and we created a whole school display to show off a variety of the work created. Our interactive display is situated in the central hub of our school where Breakfast Club is also held, and as a result children can often be found sketching independently and revisiting the taught skills from the initial session.


Here's some of the lovely art work displayed in our school.


Key Stage 1 Art Gallery


We are proud to 'show off' the work of all children in our school. In Key Stage One, this is displayed in the corridors for all to see as they walk by. The gallery is constantly updated to show the skills that have been taught this academic year.


Whole School Project 


We used the expertise of one of our school governors to deliver charcoal and chalk sessions to all children in the school. The children learnt about the use of lines and shapes in their work, as well as blending and smudging as effective art techniques.