Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Free School Meals

Pupil Premium (Free School Meals)

Why do I need to apply if my child gets a free school meal anyway?

When a child is on the FSM register they may receive financial help towards any school trips. All new parents applying for FSM will also be given a voucher for £50 towards school uniform purchased from the school. Children on the FSM register may receive extra tuition and help towards breakfast & afterschool club if parents return to work.

The school receives £1,300 per year into the budget for every child who is registered on the FSM – so obviously by applying you are also helping the school.


How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

Parent can claim for their child if they or their partner get one of the following


 Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)

 Income Support

 Universal Credit

 Child Tax Credit (but NOT receiving Working Tax Credit) – provided your annual income, assessed by the Inland Revenue, does not exceed £16,190 (Please note: this amount is subject to change in April every year)

 Employment Support Allowance (Income Related)

 Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit

 Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999


Parents receiving Working Tax Credit for four weeks after their employment finishes are also entitled to free school meals during that period.

Children who receive any of the qualifying benefits listed above in their own right are also eligible to receive free school meals.


How Do I Apply?

1) Apply online (search for free school meals).

2) You can also telephone the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Benefit section on

(01482) 394799. They will need the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number (or registered asylum seekers number)
  • Child's details – Name, date of birth and school

The benefits section will make automated checks to confirm your entitlement and tell you immediately if you qualify.

3) You can visit the East Riding Customer Service Centre at Haltemprice Sports Centre for an application form.


My child already receives free school meals in the infants so why should I apply?

Even if your child receives free school meals now, applying will ensure they also receive the following:


  • £50 worth of free school uniform (issued by the school)
  • Free school meal in Juniors if still eligible.
  • Help with the cost of school visits
  • Free school milk (infants only)


These benefits are available to all children regardless of their year group.


Is there a deadline for applying?


No, you can apply at any time during the school year or whenever there is a change in your circumstances.



What if my circumstances are temporary and are likely to change in the near future?


It really doesn’t matter. If, for example a parent has lost their job and temporary claiming benefits you can still apply, or if parents separate, even temporarily which results in a reduction in household income. Registering as eligible for even 1 week makes a huge difference to school finances for a full 6 years. That one week could bring a guaranteed £7900 over the next 6 years…. so you can appreciate what that does for our budget.