Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Springhead Primary School Staffing


Head Teacher: Mrs  Naomi Prutton



School Office: 

School Business Manager:  Mrs Randerson

Administration Officer:         Mrs Broadmeadow


Teaching Staff:


FS and KS1 Senior Teacher:   Mrs Gent

KS2 Senior Teacher:                   Mrs Young


Foundation Stage: Mrs Gent 


Year 1: Miss Easter


Year 2: Miss Duthie (Monday - Wednesday) &  Mrs Dutton (Thursday & Friday)


Year 3: Mrs Young (Monday - Wednesday) & Miss Lowther (Thursday & Friday)


Year 4: Mrs Robson


Year 5: Miss Lowther (Monday & Tuesday), & Mrs Hogben (Wednesday - Friday) 


Year 6: Miss Ingram


HLTA:  Ms Barker


Classroom Support:


FS:      Miss Lees, Miss Douthwaite and Mrs Mudd

Year 1: Mrs Jubb, Mrs Gray

Year 2: Mrs Doab

Year 3: Mrs Graves, Mrs Statham

Year 4: Mrs Edwards, Mrs Allen, Mrs McLeavy, Miss Pea

Year 5: Miss Clement

Year 6: Ms Barker, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Hackett, Miss Normington


Catering Staff:

School Cook: Mrs McBride

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Scrivener


                   Lunchtime Staff:

Senior Mid-day Supervisor: Mrs Googe

Mid-day Supervisors: Mrs Blakestone, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Graves, Mrs Stanley, Mrs McLeavy,

Mrs Jennings, Mrs Leng, Miss Clement


Premises Staff:


Site Manager: Mr Manssuer

Cleaners: Mrs Dunn, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Leng, Mrs Shippey


Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Prutton

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Randerson 


SENDCo: Mrs Gent


Staff Responsibilities

Mrs Dutton - D&T 

Miss Lowther - MFL and Writing

Mrs Hogben - Maths and Standards & Assessment

Mrs Young - ICT, Reading and PSHEE

Mrs Gent -  Foundation Stage, KS1 Reading & Writing, Phonics

Miss Duthie - Music 

Miss Easter - Art 

Mrs Robson - Science & RE 

Ms Barker - Sports 

Miss Ingram - Geography & History