Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Year 5 School Trip - Eden Camp! 

Year 5 visited Eden Camp to learn about what life was like during World War 2.  This supported their learning for their history topic on Hull during The Blitz.  

Our History Club Museum is OPEN! 

We opened up our 'History Club Museum' to show the school what we had learnt about Hull.  We had some displays for the children to look at, some books, activities and we also talked them through what we had learnt.  We hope everyone learnt something about the history of our area.  

Check out the pictures of our opening week! 


National Archive: Block Down Project!


This week, some students from History Club got to take part in a project for the national archives.  They were given a tour of the archive building in the East Riding (made on Minecraft).  They were able to write down their experiences of lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic and save it as a file which will be stored in the national archives FOREVER! 

We feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to be part of history - it was also really fun too!

History Club

Each Thursday lunchtime, the history club meet up.  It is made up of students from year 1 - year 6.  This year, we are completing a very special project all about the history of Hull.  We are going to be hosting a school museum in summer term to show the school community what we have learnt. 

At the moment we are researching 

- Why is our city called Kingston Upon Hull? 

- What did it look like in the past? 

- How have some of the famous monuments or places changed? 

- Which industries have been important in Hull? 




History School Trips

Year 6 - Thackray Medical Museum


In November, Year 6 went on their school trip to the Thackray Medical Museum next to Saint James' Hospital in Leeds.  It was the perfect place to visit to compliment their Autumn topic 'A theme throughout history: Medicine and Disease' 


Take a look at the photos to see what they got up to. 



Year 1 - Streetlife Museum, Hull


Year 1 recently visited the Streetlife Museum in Hull where they could look at real artefacts from the past. Take a look at all the fun they had in this slide show of pictures. 

Year 3 - Forest School

Our year 3 children spent a day at 'Forest School' learning all about life during the Stone Age.