Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Coming Soon... Whole School Art Trip!

This term we are taking the whole school on a day trip that focuses specifically on art and maths. We are so excited that we have such amazing facilities in our local area that we will be making use of! More information coming soon.

Coming soon... Printing Week

Our whole school will be participating in our annual printing week. We have lots of fun things planned including a visit from a professional artist to aid staff development whilst providing the children with the highest quality art experiences possible.

Summer 2022 - Year Two Craft Club

This term the children requested to learn how to use water colours. They had heard of them but had never used them before. Our project this term is 'botanical prints' through water colours. You can keep up to date with our project by checking out our club page by clicking here.

Sculpture Workshop

On Monday 7th February Year Four attended a wire sculpture workshop with Holly from Thread and Press. They experimented with the use of different materials to sculpt an Iron Man figure and learnt how to use new tools safely. Feedback from the session was very positive and each child now has their own wire Iron Man which they plan to further develop using tissue paper, PVA glue and paint to give the effect of rusting iron.

Click here to see some photos of us in action on the school curriculum sculpting page.


'Art is everywhere, and everywhere is art.' Brandon Boyd

Year One utilised their spare time during a recent trip to the local transport museum and sketched pictures of vehicles in their art books. They discussed their recent focus in art lessons, which was to identify the shapes and lines within an object - every object is made up of curved and straight lines and applied this to their observational drawings. Despite been in a busy public place there was such a lovely quiet atmosphere and it emphasised to the children that art really is everywhere you look!

Spring 2022 - Ferens Junior Open Exhibition

A number of children from Foundation to Year Six entered their art work into a local competition at Ferens Art Gallery. We were proud to send such a variety of work! Huge congratulations to Alex D in Year 6, who was awarded the Friends of the Ferens FIRST PRIZE award in the 7 to 11 years category! Alex and his family were invited to an award ceremony and also to have a sneak peek of the exhibition. We are also pleased to inform that many of our other budding artists had their work to be selected to be put on display to the public. Take a trip to the exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery and see the children's work for yourselves!


Congratulations to the children who's work is currently on display in Gallery 4; Alex D 'Light At Night', Lucy S 'My Teacher Walking', Asher L 'All The Planets', Ethan P 'Garden Landscape', Albie N 'Colourful Shapes', Cooper N 'Poppy Field', Olivia S 'Lovely Landscape', Beatrix W 'Autumn Tree', Amelie D 'Hull Fair: Bright Lights', Tom S 'Tom Gauld's Iron Man', Oliver C 'Tom Gauld's Iron Man', Emily O 'Unicorn', Indiana 'Tom Gauld's Iron Man', Marnie K 'Snail', Olivia S 'Bonfire Night', Eden D 'People In A Flower', April L 'Rainbow', Jack W 'Light At Night', Iona W 'Light At Night', Martha S 'Hull Fair Ride', Emily R 'Starry, Starry, Night'.


Further information can be found here.

Autumn 2021 - Thread and Press Workshop

As part of our whole school well-being week each class participated in a workshop with Holly, a professional artist from the local company Thread and Press. Holly brought her own sketchbook to show the children different techniques, helping to inspire our budding artists and reinforced that 'Every human is an artist' (Don Miguel Ruiz) and, when they practise, they will develop their skills. The focus of these sessions was drawing skills - a skill we like to teach at the start of the year due to its diversity and its frequency in many of our topics throughout the year. This ensures we can reflect on what has been taught, and continue to build on the previously taught skills, helping us to become the best artists we can be. The children and staff were mesmerised throughout the sessions and they all produced some fantastic work. Take a look in the gallery below!

Autumn 2021 - Year Two Craft Club

Every Tuesday lunch time the Year Two children are invited to Craft Club with Miss Easter. The club is open to all children and we complete short projects, both individually and paired work. Some of the skills we have developed so far have included; colour mixing, blending and layering when painting, knowledge of landscapes and key concepts when painting landscapes, shadow work and scissor skills and using new equipment to paint. The club is a great opportunity for the children to develop their creative skills alongside their friends and is thoroughly enjoyed by all who attend. 


You can see us in action, as well as photos of our work, on the school clubs page.