Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


In the foundation stage we work hard to teach the children how to form all of their letter shapes. Good handwriting begins with having a good grip of the pencil. This is called the 'pencil grip'. At Springhead Primary School children are taught to hold their pencil in a pincer grip using their thumb and first two fingers. Please see the video linked to this page for more information on where to start when teaching your child correct pencil grip. Practising this for two minutes every day will really help your child to progress.



I teach handwriting alongside my phonics lessons. Each time I teach a new letter sound we learn how to write the corresponding letter shape. Please look in my phonics section to watch videos and hear the rhymes to match each letter shape.

How to HOLD A PENCIL!! - (Easy for Kids!) - with Ally the Alligator

How to Hold a Pencil is a big step for little kids! This video features Ally the Alligator to make it fun and easy!This is a step-by-step lesson showing how ...