Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


From our most recent survey 100% of our families, staff and children are happy with our choice of Phonics scheme. Here are some of the things that have been said.

smiley   What the children think ...


 "I love doing my green words. I am a tiny bit speedy and soon I'll be super speedy!" (Eleanor YR)




"I really like it because you can learn to read loads of books like the Gruffalo."            

(Kit YR)



 "I like doing the the writing and Fred Fingers. I can spell lots of words now."

(Sophia YR)



"It's good. We have lots of fun things to do and we always have a laugh while we learn." 

(Alfie YR)



     "I am good at phonics. I like learning all of the different sounds.

      My teacher celebrates what we do well."

(Ivy Y1)




"I like learning and reading the books. The books are really interesting and some of them are very


(Hattie Y1)





"I like trying my hardest and reading my book. It is good learning in small groups."

(George Y1)






"I like what we learned so now we know what to read. I love our phonic teachers."

(Jozef Y2)



"You learn a lot of sounds and you can learn how to read lots of words. It has also helped me with my handwriting."

(Niamh Y2)

smiley   What our families think ...

"My daughter has progressed hugely in one year and therefore I can only see this as a huge success."

(Parent voice)



"Having experienced 2 other phonics programs I feel this has been an excellent change. My child is confident in sounds and special friends which has led to lots of fluency in reading."

(Parent voice)



"Our child is an anxious reader but we do see improvements with his reading and consider the new scheme to be a big help."

(Parent Voice)



"Great for children to follow and engage. My child can now put letters and sounds together confidently."

(Parent Voice)

smiley   What our staff think ...



"Phonics has been so enjoyable to teach this year. We all know what we are doing and we are all teaching the same thing in the same way."

(Reading teacher in Y2)



"I feel confident covering phonics with any group of children. They all know the routine and they know what I mean as we are all using the same phrases."

(Reading teacher in YR)



"It is definitely working. You can see the progress that they are making and their reading is getting better."

(Reading Teacher in Y5)