Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Textile Arts are arts and craft that use plant, animal, or synthetic fibres to construct practical or decorative objects.

Reception - Sock Puppets

Year One - Hand Puppets

Our Year One class designed and made their own hand puppets from scratch!


First, they researched hand puppets and their uses. The children found out that hand puppets are great for story telling, with one child saying 'I love to use puppets when reading stories as it helps to bring the story to life'. As they investigated, the children had two key questions to answer; How does a puppet move? How are the two pieces of material joined?


Next, the children experimented with different joining techniques; stapling, taping and gluing. As a class, they discussed their preferred joining technique and decided that using glue worked well because it was strong and gave a neat finish.


Each child designed their own puppet. Their criteria; to make a hand puppet to tell a story.


They chalked onto felt around a template, cut out their main body carefully and then attached the resources needed to successfully create a hand puppet that replicated that of their design. The children happily used their hand puppets on several occasions throughout the week to create their own stories with two or more characters.

Year Two - Weaving

Step 1 - Create a weaving loom, measuring and tying wool.

Step 2 - Weave various coloured card and pattern seek to notice the 'under, over' strategy.

Step 3 - Stick the corners of each strip of card to keep your picture together.

Step 4 - Add extra details by drawing, cutting and sticking. How could you make your picture 3D?