Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

SEND - How we support every child

Our school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo): Mrs Catherine Gent


Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


Statement of Intent


At Springhead Primary School, we believe that all our children have the right to the best education possible.


We firmly believe that all children should be able to fulfil their potential and we work with our children, families and external agencies to make sure this happens.


Our School is committed to anti-discriminatory practice, to promote equality of opportunity and values diversity for all children and families.


Our aim is to ensure:

  • that there is quality first teaching, leading to the acquisition of the best set of knowledge and skills for every child.
  • an early identification of intervention needs, to support & challenge pupils.
  • enhancement in the form of a broad, rich & relevant curriculum, creating a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning amongst all.
  • creativity for all – where pupils are encouraged to stamp their character and creativity on their work, leading to unique, high-quality outcomes.
  • enrichment – we aim to involve a diverse range of learning, making it real, experiential and relevant, whilst also encouraging adults to support, value and celebrate children’s work.



  • Identify the needs of pupils with SEND as early as possible. This can be done by gathering information in the form of information from parents, educational professionals, health and care services, as well as settings prior to the child’s entry to our school.
  • Monitor the progress of all pupils in order to aid the identification of pupils with SEND. Assessment data is gathered and reviewed to support identification of pupils who may have SEND. Monitoring through our provision map ensures children with SEND make good progress and are able to meet their full potential.
  • Make appropriate provision via all means, to overcome all barriers to learning and ensure all pupils with SEND have full access to the curriculum.
  • Work with parents to gain a better understanding of their child and involve them in all stages of their child’s education. This includes supporting them in terms of understanding SEND procedures and practices, providing regular reports of their child’s progress.
  • Work with and in support of outside agencies when pupil’s needs cannot be met by school alone
  • Create a school environment where pupils feel safe to voice their opinions of their own needs
  • Completing these aims and objectives will allow our children with SEND to be happy in school. They will be able to work hard and learn to the best of their ability, to become the next generation of talented young adults who can achieve their goals and aspirations.


Our Offer

We have a dedicated team of staff who are constantly monitoring and updating the provision we provide to ensure that all pupils have fair access to learning and have what they need to get the most out of each day. Please see our information report below to explore our approach and how we can help both your child, and you, in accessing education. This document forms our school’s local offer for SEND and our statutory information report.


Information on the Local Authority’s SEND offer is available by clicking the link below


In addition, as part of our continued commitment to making sure you have as much information as possible, we also have a dedicated page for local support groups and workshops.



If you are concerned that your child may have SEND or Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on one of our pathways for further information. 

If you have concerns regarding your child and feel that there may be an SEND need that you would like to discuss with the school's SENDCo please follow our Identification Pathway for Parents and Carers. 


If you have concerns regarding your child's behaviour at home or in school please refer to our behaviour support pathways.


These can be viewed below.