Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Greater Depth



What is greater depth?

In addition to the term end of year expectations, the term greater depth is now used to measure a pupil’s level of understanding. Achievement is now focused on the depth of understanding of the areas taught and the ability to apply this understanding in a variety of contexts. Therefore, once pupils’ knowledge is secure within their year group objectives, they are no longer encouraged to move up to the learning being taught in the year above, but to deepen their understanding of the learning in their own year group.


This means that pupils working at greater depth are expected to be able to:

• apply their learning to different contexts, including other areas of the curriculum

• work independently after some initial input

• apply their skills and knowledge consistently, confidently and fluently

• organise their ideas to make connections with other areas of learning

• use their ideas to help them work with new areas of learning

• clearly explain what they have been doing and why they know they are correct to others


Greater depth is not:

• working on content from the next year group

• practising the same concept with bigger numbers

• reading a more challenging text

• an end of the week challenge


How is greater depth taught at Springhead?

When ready, pupils are provided with the opportunity to work at greater depth through carefully planned lessons and activities. Teachers will provide pupils with the time and opportunity to explore the learning objectives taught and will allow pupils the independence to apply their learning at a deeper level. Pupils may access greater depth challenges at any point in the week and across a range of subjects, as the teacher assesses their knowledge and progress. Greater depth cannot be awarded overall until the teacher has seen sufficient evidence across the subject and not just in a specific area e.g. punctuation, spelling, calculation, scientific investigations etc.