Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Examples of Children's Activities and Displays

Reception's Egg-Speriment

Year One - Materials Hunt


Scan the QR code to see year 3 'popping' their party poppers!

Year Three


Without harming the plant, year three looked at the different parts that a plant is made up of. They tried to work out the functions of these different parts. Following this, the children put the plants in pots to make a flower display at the school entrance.




Year Three



Our year three children made catapults to test whether the force applied to a spoon would determine the distance a pom-pom would travel. 

Forces - Catapult Experiment

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Forces - Catapult Experiment

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Year Three - Food Groups

Year 3 have been sorting their shopping into food groups - proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars, vitamins and dairy.

Year Three - Rocks

Here are year 3 exploring rocks and looking at them in closer detail through magnifying glasses. 

Year Four

Living Things and Their Habitats

In the autumn term, the year 4 children learned about classifying animals. Part of their studies involved going outdoors on a bug hunt. They used pooters and magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the different invertebrates in the school grounds. 

Year Four

Animals, Including Humans

In the spring term, the year 4 children learned about their teeth and digestive system. Part of their studies involved finding out about oral hygiene. The children conducted an egg-speriment in which they placed eggs in different liquids. The children observed the effects the different liquids had on the eggs over an 11 day period.

Can you tell which liquids are most/least harmful to your teeth?


Watch this video.

Can you guess which liquid the first egg had been in? 

Do any of the results surprise you? 

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Year Four

States of Matter


In the spring term, the year four children learned all about the different states of matter - solids, liquids and gases. 

The carried out lots of fun experiments to find out about and observe the different states of matter. 


Lesson 1 focused on observing and understanding the differences between solids, liquids and gases.

Lesson 2  focused on setting up a fair test to test the viscosity of different liquids.

Lesson 3 focused on observing the effects of heating and cooling on different materials.

Lesson 4 focused on observing the behaviour of gases

Lesson 5 focused on observing evaporation and condensation