Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Digital Media

The art made using software, computers or other electronic devices.

Year One - Natural Art


Our infants are learning that art doesn't have to be produced on a page in a book, but that art is all around us. During their science work, they created some fantastic collaborative works of art using things that they could find in the school grounds. Throughout he process, the children talked through their ideas during the planning, collecting and creating stages. They then used the cameras to photograph their art so even once the weather changed and it blew away it could still be remembered and shown to others.


Year One - I-Pad Work


The Year One children used the I-Pads alongside their Mr Men scenes to retell simple stories. They worked in pairs and each had a turn at recording whilst the other told the story.

Year 3 - Photography Club


Our photography club is led by Mrs Graves and Mrs Holmes. A great opportunity to show children that art and creativity is everywhere if you look hard enough. Check back here soon to find out more about their recent projects.

Year 4 - David Hockney

The year 4 children studied David Hockney in art this term. They were amazed to discover how versatile Hockney is as an artist. As well as creating art using traditional methods such as paint and pencil, Hockney also creates photomontages and paints using his iPad. After replicating some of Hockney’s famous paintings using poster paints, the children went on to create their own version of the Hockney Trail - The Springhead Trail. We went on a walk around our local area capturing photos of some of the features that make our area special. Back at school, the children chose their favourite scene and recreated it using the Brushes Redux app on the iPads. The children also used the Pic Collage app to create photomontages of some ordinary items from our playground, just like Hockney.