Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Springhead's Key Stage 2 Fruit Tuck Shop

Every Wednesday, a group of our year 6 children open a 'fruit tuck shop' at morning break. These children arrive in school early on this day in order to 'prep' the fruit ready to be sold at break. They wash, chop, peel, sing, giggle while producing their 'fruit buffet'. Weekly, they offer four different fruits and these can be with or without a dollop of delicious honey or yogurt. 

Dove Self-Esteem Project UK 

Springhead Primary School is registered with the Dove Self Esteem Project, the biggest self-esteem education programme in the world.

It is designed to help combat low self-esteem and build body confidence. By taking part in this programme we are able to deliver fun and engaging lessons to our pupils, teaching them the importance of confronting comparisons, celebrating diversity, and empowering our children to stand against bullying. Whilst providing them with the knowledge and skills to grow more and more confident in themselves.

Dove Confidence Kit - For Parents

A really useful resource for our families, including content on:

Appreciate Your Body to Help Your Child
Lead by example to help your child feel good about their body.

Social Media, Filters & Having The Selfie Talk

Help your child navigate the online world.


Beat Bullying

Support your child when dealing with appearance-related teasing & bullying.

Improving Communication Between You and Your Child
A useful tool to help you navigate tricky conversations.


Body Functionality
Discover the benefits of focusing on feelings and the functions of our bodies.

Celebrating Individuality
Reflect on your child’s unique attributes, heritage and talents to unlock their self-confidence.

Dove Confidence Kit