Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 2

Easter Holidays 2020


This is a list of websites that you may find useful when working with your child at home (we’ve tried to only include websites that are free). We suspect that most websites you will have to make an account to access however will not be asked to put payment details in. Year 2 is considered Key Stage 1 – if websites ask which range of resources you want to look at. We appreciate some parents may not have access to a printer: you can keep the work on a screen and children can just do the task on paper.

Please supervise children appropriately when using the internet. (We know you’re probably bored of hearing this but we still have to say it!)

  • Twinkl for parents

This is a good resource for a range of topics and subjects. This website is easy to use.

  • Classroom secrets

As above.

  • iChild

This website has some nice tasks. Click on the pictures of work – the links beside them just refresh the page.

  • Phonics play

A good website for children learning to read or who struggle to recognise letters and sounds (graphemes and phonemes). The details for a free account are username: march20 password: home.

  •  Audible

The children’s section has made a selection of children’s book free to use at the moment which is another good resource. This is not a website I am familiar with but I am sure it will be easy to use.

  • Topmarks

Lots of good maths games, particularly good for mental maths and times tables.

  • ICT games

As above.


  • BBC Bitesize – select KS1 option and you’ll have access to games and video clips for each KS1 science topic.
  • Crickweb covers all of the above too.


While there is a lot of information and work available, please do not expect to get lots done all the time. Your child will need to time relax and take in the current situation and may need help doing this, bombarding them with school work may be too much for some children right now.



Some useful ideas for maintaining good mental health:


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga –  This website has some nice resources and a free 2 week trial on the app. When accessing the videos via YouTube it is completely free.
  • Just Dance – Accessed via YouTube (please make sure the music/lyrics are appropriate for younger children).
  • BBC Supermovers – This has some great songs which help learning times tables and other school related concepts.
  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) – PE with Joe is live every day on YouTube.
  • Insight Timer (meditation) – This website allows you to see how long each meditation lasts. It is important to increase the time you spend in meditation over time. Jumping in with 30 minutes is unrealistic if you have never done it before. In year 2, we have worked up to 6 continuous minutes regularly so this is a good time to begin with.
  • Colouring sheets – easily found on the internet.


BUT, as mentioned above, there is such a thing as too much. Some days will be great and some will be tough. Take each day as it comes.

Please keep checking the school Facebook page too. Mrs Randerson is making a huge effort to share anything which may be useful to you as parents at this time.

Homework Activities


Year 2:


  • Reading at least four times a week (4 books usually changed once a week)
  • Spellings to learn for test once a week
  • Additional maths/English tasks where necessary
  • Doodlemaths at least 3 times and at least 30 stars per week


How to Help Your Child at Home



Children should be working on these mental skills at home:

  • number bonds to 10
  • number bonds to 20
  • counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • 2 x table


We have looked at money already.  If you have extra change lying about, you could ask your child to count it for you or you could let your child have some change to pay for items at a till.




We have learned about conjunctions (words which join sentences together). There are two kinds: co-ordinating and sub-ordinating. We have also started to join our handwriting. Most children should be trying to join short letters to short letters. There is a picture below with some examples. If you would like any extra handwriting work to take home, please let us know.


Thank you for your continued support.




The First Join

Year 2 Class Rules


  1. Look after things that belong to other people and things that belong to the school.
  2. Try your hardest in every lesson.
  3. Follow instructions given to you by an adult.
  4. Listen during lessons.
  5. Play nicely with your friends.
  6. Be kind to everyone. Even people you do not know.
  7. Complete your homework, at home, without getting upset.
  8. Help people when they need it.
  9. Respect everybody.

Physical Education


Year 2 have P.E. on Tuesdays. Children should leave their P.E. kits in school all week. Please check your child has the correct clothing. This term we are staying indoors for P.E. Your child will need a blue polo t-shirt and blue shorts.

Anyone with pierced ears must have a signed a consent form by a parent. Please pop in and see us if you need to do this.




Year 2 have been fortunate enough to have tennis lessons this half term with a specialist coach. The children really enjoy using the tennis rackets and balls.

Year 2 have planted some daffodil bulbs along the drive. In spring they will look lovely when they begin to flower.

Year 2 sequenced the events from the Great Fire of London. Did you know it started in a bakery on Pudding Lane?

In Geography, we have learned about the 4 countries in the United Kingdom and their capital cities. We may even be able to add an accent or two!

Year 1 and 2 have been busy writing letters to Santa this week. We made sure we remembered capital letters, full stops, and our best handwriting. On Friday we all walked to the post box to send them. We made a Christmas wish as we posted the letters. We can’t wait for our replies.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about materials and their properties in Science.

We have looked at a variety of materials and decided which would be the best to use to make lots of everyday objects like windows, houses, jumpers and pans.

We read the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story and talked about why brick was the best choice for the house.

We chose from a selection of materials to design our own dens. We drew pictures and explained why we had chosen certain materials.

We also thought about what makes a fabric waterproof. We used our scientific skill of observation.

We used wax crayons to make the fabric waterproof.