Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School



  • Spellings can be located in your child’s home spelling record (yellow).
  • The children will be tested each Friday.
  • Ideas to support your child to learn their spellings can be found in the front of their home spelling record (yellow).




  • Please continue to support your child with regular reading sessions. They will have their books changed on a Monday. The children are expected to read 4 times per week.
  • Please remember to sign their home reading record (blue) so we know they have practised.  Unfortunately, if they have not read they will start to fall behind and so we will give them the extra practice within the school day.


  • Year 1 will be given a national phonic reading test in June. The test is an assessment of your child’s ability to use phonics for reading and if they are making good progress.  



  • Regularly practise mental maths (doubles to 10, halving up to 10, number bonds to 10).
  • DoodleMaths;
  • Autumn term (from October half term until Christmas), access at home to familiarise themselves with the app,
  • Spring term (January - Easter holidays), access once a week and earn at least one star,
  • Summer term (Easter hols - Summer hols), access twice a week and collect at least ten stars in total.


Extra homework may be set when needed to support the child's learning.