Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Printmaking is an art form that involves making designs or images by printing them with ink.

Children's Art Week


We held a whole school printing week during the summer term. This year, our studies focused around the work of British printmaker Molly Lemon. Each year group learnt a different printing technique and every children created their own unique print that represented our school theme of 'nature and the world around us'.


The purpose of our enrichment week was;

  • to raise the profile of art across the school,
  • to catch up on missed skills due to Covid,
  • to teach different skills to that normally taught within their art lessons,
  • to increase awareness of different jobs, hobbies and relaxation opportunities. 




Reception - Experimenting with blocks, colours and marks



Year One - Block Printing and Patterns

We have used paint to print and have discussed how we can make our print clear and smudge free. We have also thought carefully about our colour choices to reflect this year's printing theme of 'nature and the world around us'.

Check back soon to see our finished works!

Year Two - Cork Carvings

Year Three - Plasticine Prints

Year Four

Year Five - Monoprinting

Year Six - Etching

During our printing week, the children studied the work of Molly Lemon, a British printmaker who's work is inspired by her rural surroundings. The children studied various pieces of Molly's work and discussed how she combines hundreds of lines to produce a detailed picture. Each member of the class produced their own line work which represented 'nature and the world around us'. They then applied this line work during an etching workshop with local artist Holly from Thread and Press and had a great time learning a new printing technique!

Here are some examples of other printing activities that took place across the school throughout the year.

Reception - Elmer topic

Whilst learning about colours and shapes within our Elmer the Elephant topic, the children explored the use of different printing resources to create their own patchwork elephant. Resources available included sponges, cotton buds, fingers, cotton reels, blocks and anything else our creative children chose to use!

Year 2 - Craft Club

Our school craft club members enjoyed learning a new printing technique - using bubble wrap and paint. The children learnt through trial and error and discussed how they would amend their work in the future. Discussions included; using less paint to create a more 'bubbly effect', painting the bubble wrap with a brush/sponge to see if it looked different/added more/less detail, trying to place the bubble wrap on their card more carefully to prevent smudging.