Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 6

Over the Christmas holidays, children will be taking their spelling wall home. Please encourage them to pick 8 words which they can practise, learn and hopefully tick off their spelling wall when they return in January. 


Merry Christmas from all of us in year 6! 


The many stages involved in making a gingerbread house:
Picture 1 After weighing the ingredients, we mix!
Picture 2 More mixing (and posing).
Picture 3 Even more (quicker) mixing.
Picture 4 Rolling, baking and constructing.
Picture 5 The highly anticipated decorating.
Picture 6 Definitely the best bit!

Year 6 Remembrance Day poppies.

Year 6 Remembrance Day poppies. 1
Year 6 Remembrance Day poppies. 2
Picture 1 Year 6 have planted some spring bulbs.
Picture 2 We have been playing the glockenspiel.
Picture 1 We tested different electrical circuits.