Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 3 News

A Visit to Morrisons

To enhance our learning about balanced diets from our science topic, 'Animals, Including Humans', we had a trip to Morrisons. We were given a tour of the store and we were able to look at foods from some of the different food groups. 

During our visit to Morrisons, we asked members of the public some questions related to 'biscuits'. These questions formed part of our research for our design and technology topic.

Receiting Haikus

We have been looking at Haikus in our English lessons. Haikus originate from Japan and are a short poem made up of three lines. Each line follows a strict syllable pattern. The first line contains words that when put together are made up of 5 syllables, the second line follows a 7 syllable pattern and the last line has 5 syllables. Watch the video below to see some of us receiting autumn haikus. 

Autumn Haikus.mp4

Still image for this video

Biscuit Baking

As part of our D&T topic, we baked biscuits. It was a crazy afternoon of weighing, mixing, molding and baking but we did it!