Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Year 2 News

Science - Living things and their habitats (Autumn)

We have been looking at mini beasts and microhabitats in science. We went on a safari around the school to see what we could find!


Look through the photos to see what we found, and to see the microhabitat we created!

Science - Materials (Autumn and spring)

We have been exploring lots of different materials. We went on a materials hunt around the school to see what we could find. 

We know that one material can have lots of different uses.

Maths - Place Value (Autumn)

We have been looking at place value. We have learnt how to use <, >, =  and we have been comparing different measurements in the classroom. We have also ben practising counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Maths - subtraction (Autumn)


We have been learning how to subtract 2 2 digit numbers. We have used numbers lines, 100 squares and our TOT method!!

We even got to be the teachers!

Maths - Money (Autumn)

We have been looking at money and how we can make the same amount in different ways. We could even pay our table shop keeper for our purchases!!

Maths - Multiplication (Spring)

Miss Harrison set us the challenge of making different egg boxes for 15, 30, and 45 eggs. We had to think of all the different ways we could do it!


PE (Autumn)

We had a visit from a golf coach who taught us some amazing skills! Watch out Tiger woods!

D&T and art - Every year 2 child is an artist!

We created work inspired by Roger Colson and they turned out beautiful.

We have created a pull along Santa sleigh. Look at our progress.

Wellbeing week (Autumn)

We were super busy during wellbeing week, we got up to all sorts of different things!

Christmas week!

We have been doing lots of different things on our final week before Christmas. We had our decorate the hat workshop. We made shrinking baubles too!

English - Poetry (Autumn)


We have been looking at the poet Julia Donaldson and have focussed on her poem "The Christmas pine" We performed our poem during assembly and to the year 1 class and started to add actions. Have a look at our preparation.