Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Wellbeing week

Wellbeing week


Check out all the fun things we got up to during our whole school wellbeing week!

Monday - Sports with Ms Barker

Featuring special guest Will Jubb from York City Knights)

We had lots of fun trying out some new sports. These included:


  • Golf
  • Exercise cards on the mile
  • Yoga
  • Joe Wicks 5 minute work out
  • Blind football
  • Archery
  • Boccia


A class vote afterwards showed that archery was their favourite sport, so the KS2 Sports Leaders will now be trained up to lead archery sessions to the younger children over dinner time.

First Aid - A lesson in calling 999

As part of 'Wellbeing Week' we are learning to care for others as well as ourselves. We set up different scenarios using Mum, Dad and Child teddy bears and discussed; 
-whether the injury is an emergency
-how to call for help
-what information we need to share with the telephone doctor


In this video clip, we met six year old Esmae who reminded us how, and when to call 999.

Tuesday - Den Building

Our challenge today was to build a waterproof den that was big enough for all members of our group to fit inside. We had lots of fun working as a team and exploring the use of new resources. 

Wednesday - Art session

We were very lucky to have a visit from Holly, an artist from Thread and Press who delivered a brilliant session to the class and taught us some fantastic techniques, helping us to draw a self portrait.


Smoothie making in the 'Kids Kitchen'

Today we helped to cut fruit to make some delicious smoothies. Some of us weren't too keen on the taste, but we were all really sensible and gave it a go.

Thursday - Gardening

In true school tradition, we enjoyed planting bulbs alongside the school drive. We can't wait to see them bloom in spring!

Team building activities

Check out these photos of our blind obstacle course and team building tasks to see how much fun we had!

Friday - Yoga and relaxation

We entered the 'Zen Den' and relaxed our bodies and minds by joining in a hungry caterpillar themed yoga session.