Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Summer News

Our topics this term include;

Maths; money, length and height, multiplication,

Literacy; writing instructions and non chronological reports,

Science; animals including humans,

Geography; our local area, Anlaby,

Art; floral art work including Van Gogh, 

D&T; designing and making a fruit salad,

RE; creation stories,

Music; retelling a story through music,

PE; athletics.


More information can be found on our curriculum page. 


Exciting events happening this term include;

-Printing Week

-Whole school Jubilee celebrations

-Sports Day

-Summer school trip

Literacy - Spring Poetry

Year 1 have been looking at the poem 'a little seed'. They started the week by listening carefully to the words and trying to work out the story behind it. They then identified that some of the words in the poem rhyme and they also looked at how a poem is structured. By the end of the week, the children had worked in groups to crate actions to aid them in remembering the poem and some children were even confident enough to perform these actions and the poem to the class. You will also notice that we changed the word 'little' for 'big' to make the poem unique to us.

Check out these videos of some of our groups in action!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


We are learning to send and receive. We've started by throwing bean bags towards a target and talking about whether we needed to throw with more power or less power to help us to be more accurate.


We have been learning how to make music in different ways including the use of instruments, our bodies and using resources in the world around us. We had a great time making lots of noise with the equipment! After that, we watched a clip of Michael Rosen tell the story 'we're going on a bear hunt' and then discussed how we could recreate these sounds to use music as a form of expression. The children are all very excited for their next music lesson when they will be working in groups to create a simple soundscape.

The Pantosaurus Song! | #TalkPANTS | NSPCC

Meet Pantosaurus! He's a friendly dinosaur who has an important song and has helped us to learn the PANTS rules during our science lessons. #TalkPANTS

Maths - Length and Height

We have been learning to measure using different equipment. Today we had a great time measuring the height of each member of our class, recording it altogether and using the data we collected to answer questions to explain our findings.

Literacy - Instruction Writing

We used the story Goldilocks as a stimulus to our instruction writing topic. The children have loved the practical element of this unit and, after creating a set of instructions using a story board, they headed to the Kids Kitchen to test them out. At the end of the session the children were very excited as they were even allowed to eat it!

We are Geographers!

Our Geography topic this term is our local area, Anlaby. This topic is a great opportunity to introduce the children to simple map work. We've discussed different view points and how a bird see's things differently to us. The children were given an aerial view photograph of the school and, with their partner were tasked to navigate the school grounds using their photograph. Some groups choose to make notes on their photos, others drew pictures and some just enjoyed spotting the different features (human and physical). Lots of high quality conversation was had, including the use of our key vocabulary for this term; 'purpose'.


"The purpose of a map is to help you find your way around" - Tabitha

"The purpose of a map is to stop you from getting lost" - Emily

"I can't see the play equipment on the photo because it is covered by the trees. It's really tricky working out where everything is from this photo because I am down here and this is what I can see but the birds see things in a different way to me" - Darcy



In RE we are learning about the Christian creation story.