Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Spring News


This term we will be learning about materials and their properties. We started off by exploring a bag of objects made of different materials before going on a material hunt around school to identify what different objects are made from.


We love to learn new skills in Year 1! Logging on to the Chrome books can be quite tricky but we are trying hard to be more independent and have even started developing our word processing skills too! We like to write lists to help us practise our spellings. Feel free to support your child at home with this tricky skill. 


We have been learning to recite a repetitive song from memory. This has been developed over the course of a term, learning one verse at a time, talking about the rhythm and also incorporating the use of musical instruments to help us identify the beat.


We tested different materials to find out which was the most absorbent. Each child made a prediction using their prior knowledge of materials and every day objects. It was important that the test was fair, so we used a pipette for measuring to make sure each material had the same amount of water put onto it. We found out that the paper towel was the most absorbent.

School Trip

Year 1 enjoyed a day out of school to develop their knowledge of transport at the local StreetLife museum. The museum education officer gave the children a guided tour, helping them to learn about transport through time. This was enhanced by a discussion about how, long ago people travelled to the seaside. The children were able to get hands on with artefacts, photographs, posters etc. It was a pleasure to take such well behaved children for a day out. We also enjoyed some free time in the museum and used this as a great opportunity to develop our art skills, drawing vehicles in our sketchbooks.

Check out the photos below to see all the fun things we got up to!

Creative Literacy - Journey, Aaron Becker

We are studying the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker in our literacy lessons. So far, we have discovered that the character has a magical red pen and is able to draw whatever they like! We are up to the part where the character draws a door and are currently exploring the question 'Where does the door lead to?'. Children were able to use their imagination to think of and create their own magical place. They started by describing their magical place using adjectives and sentence writing, then collaged this place, with the focus being 'to make part of your place 3D' as they explored different crafting techniques.


Who looks after a place of worship?

Our RE topic this term is all about the church, what happens there and its importance in our local community. John, our local Vicar came to visit the children and tell them about his role at the church.

Rubbish and Recycling (Materials topic)

We have been learning about rubbish! We watched a clip of Come Outside to teach us what happens to the rubbish when it is collected by the rubbish truck. We then investigated everyday products, identifying the recycle symbol on the box to work out which bin we would put them in, green, blue or brown. After that, the children wanted to help save the planet, so they went out on a litter pick in our school grounds. The class then discussed what would happen if they didn't put their rubbish in a bin and then created a poster with all the information that they had learnt.


We have been using pastels to draw various Mr Men characters and a simple cartoon landscape. We then used these to recreate simple stories.

Deign and Technology - Hand Puppets

We had a great time designing and making our hand puppets. Click here see the full process on our Art Curriculum page.

World Book Week

We had a great time during world book week. Our activities this year included;

-dress as a word and talk about this to the class,

-hot chocolate, cake and audio story, retelling key events afterwards,

-design, make and use a puppet to tell a story with a friend,

-infants big read x3 days,

-creating a book character just like them,

-whole school big read in the hall.

PSHEE - Being a good friend

Our PSHEE topic this term is all about how we can be a good friend to others and learning to recognise if others are being a good friend towards us. We read different scenario cards and spoke about whether each child was a good friend or needed to go to 'friendship school' to learn how to be kind.

Technology - Cameras

We are learning about different technology resources. Our current topic is digital cameras. To start with, the children practised putting the lanyard around their necks and walking sensibly with them to prevent drops and accidents. Once they were able to do this, we discussed the use of different buttons including how to turn the camera on and off. After mastering this skill, the children were paired up and asked to take a photo of each other. As a class, we discussed what happened if we move when taking a photograph, and also how we can improve the quality of the picture. Finally, the children went outdoors with their partner and took photos of things in their environment. Take a look at us in action!

Maths - Fact Families

We have been using a bar model to help us identify different addition and subtraction problems. First we identified the parts and the whole on our bar models and then we spoke lots about the different rules when adding and subtracting to help us with our accuracy and prevent careless mistakes.

Art is everywhere and everywhere is art

We searched the outdoors to create our own art using only things that we found in our school environment. The children worked collaboratively in pairs and talked through their ideas during the planning, collecting and creating stages.

Skipping Workshop

The children in Year 1 love to participate in new activities. Today was skipping day. We had a great workshop with coach Dan and learnt some new skills which we will continue to develop at break times.

Place Value within 50

We created our own number line from 20 to 50. Each child was given a number and they were given the independence to work out where they needed to be in the sequence. This was a great opportunity for the children to model their super maths vocabulary as they communicated with one another. 

How many ways can we represent a 2 digit number?

  • tens and ones
  • digits
  • numbers as words
  • tally
  • pictures
  • tens frames


The children have also started partitioning 2 digit numbers to 50 and chanting STEM sentences to help secure their knowledge.

Maths - Partitioning 

Can you partition the number 42 into more than 2 parts? Can you find more than one way to complete this question?


Our local health partnership have a some great dental health resources which we recently loaned for the week. This allowed the children to discuss their own personal care routines whilst learning about the importance of these in a fun way.

Science - Plants

Curiosity in the great outdoors! Hands on learning at its best.

Which plants can you find in the school grounds? Can you use your worksheet to match the plant to its picture and work out the name of it? Where did you find that plant? Why do you think it is growing there? Is it a wild plant or has someone planted it purposely? Do any plants look similar? Is grass a plant? ... Just some of the questions we were thinking about during our recent plant hunt.



PE - Ball Skills

This term we are focussing on our ball control. We have some great varied warm up activities including mirrored stretches and are also working on our balance. Here are some pictures of us in action!


Spring has sprung!

Check out our Easter cards for our families. How cute are these?

Sunny Spring Days

When the sun is shining, bring the classroom outdoors! What a fantastic afternoon we had outdoors today. Our main task was to look closely at the daffodils to paint a detailed picture. The children mixed various shades of yellow, orange and green and then 'trialled' these colours in their art books before applying to their painting. It was lovely to hear them talking about their work throughout and what they needed to do to make the colour lighter/darker - lots of super vocab!

Independent activities on offer included;

  • Goldilocks retell with puppets, linked to our literacy text,
  • atlas investigation, recapping the four countries of the UK,
  • fine motor activities with opportunities to pattern seek,
  • phonics games and sentence building.

Egg Decorating Workshop

We were so pleased to be able to invite our families into school for our annual egg decorating workshop. The children had lots of fun and were all very creative!

Art and ICT

We enjoyed using our Mr Men art work to create simple stories with a friend. Once we were confident with our story we took turns to record each other using the Ipads.