Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Our Progression of Knowledge and Skills documents are constantly being reviewed by the subject lead and curriculum manager. Please contact the school for the most up to date copy should you require it.


A work of art that is made by attaching different pieces of materials.


"I really enjoy teaching collage to the younger children in our school because it's a simple, yet effective crafting technique. It allows the children to experiment with techniques, explore new ideas and support one another. The best part is that every work of art is always unique!" Miss Easter, Year 1 Class Teacher

Digital Media

The art made using software, computers or other electronic devices.


"Digital art is such an interesting concept for the children at Springhead. It exposes them to the many forms that art can take and really reiterates our school phrase that 'every human is an artist' Don Miguel Ruiz." Mrs Young, Year 3 Class Teacher


A technique in which images are depicted on a surface by making lines.


"The children, and myself were mesmerized throughout our recent drawing workshop with Holly (a local artist). I'd never realised before just how relaxing art can be." Miss Ingram, Year 6 Class Teacher




A painting is an image created using colour on a surface such as paper or canvas.


"We're not afraid of a bit of mess in the Foundation Stage! We love seeing the children freely exploring the paints. Colour mixing, discovery of new tools and learning that they can combine shapes and lines to create wonderful works of art is a joy to watch. The children are always proud to tell visitors about their art work hanging on their individual peg in our class gallery." Mrs Gent, FS Class Teacher




Printmaking is an art form that involves making designs or images by printing them with ink.


"We are always excited to learn new things in Year 2! And that's exactly what our printing unit offers to these children - new experiences, creative knowledge and the opportunity to use the work of famous artists to influence their creations." Miss Duthie, Year 2 Class Teacher




An artistic form in which materials are made into three-dimensional art objects.


"I'm not sure who enjoyed this topic more, me or the children! I loved every minute and check out my iron man sculpture - it looks so much better than I expected!" Mrs Robson, Year 4 Class Teacher


Textile arts are arts and craft that use plant, animal, or synthetic fibres to construct practical or decorative objects.


"I was really impressed with the resilience of my class during our textiles project this year. It's not the easiest art form - it takes great concentration and perseverance, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding" Mrs Hogben, Year 5 Class Teacher