Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Phase 4

Phonics Phase 4 Blends and Clusters Pronunciation

I hope this video will help you with pronunciations of the phase 4 blends and clusters.

Online resources


These websites contain various phonics games for children of all abilities.


Phonics play - click here


Phonics Bloom - click here


Top Marks - click here





The Oxford Owl website has lots of online e-books suitable for KS1 children. You can access these by setting up a parent account for free. Once you have access to the site you can select the correct book band for your child. You can access the Oxford Owl website by clicking here.


Have you tried...

  • Writing questions for your child to read and answer about the book they have read?
  • Asking your child to copy a sentence from the book with their neatest handwriting, then improving that sentence by adding an adjective to it?
  • Using the school book mark (provided at the start of the school year) to ask questions and ensure your child fully understands what they have read?
  • Drawing pictures to retell the main parts of the story they have read?
  • Making a list of adjectives to describe the main character in the story?