Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Year 4 PE lessons will usually be on a Wednesday afternoon with Miss Barker. Please can I ask that the children bring their kit on a Monday and keep it in school all week. This is just in case we have any timetable changes or any additional sporting activities. I would like the children to bring their full indoor and outdoor kits, including trainers, each week. 

Year 4 Healthy Lifestyle Workshop

Spring Term 1


This half term, our PE unit is Body Management. We are learning to perform a variety of balances. Our learning outcome is to be able to create a sequence, using a range of body shapes and actions, with a partner. 

The balances we are learning are: squat, hollow, dish, tuck and pike. However, we have also created our own balances with a partner. These balances have had to be mirrored, counter balance and counter tension.

We are learning that to perform a good balance we have to use tension, be still, control our bodies and focus. Also, to be able to link our balances we have to have good posture, move with control and move with purpose.


Here are some pictures of us practising our balances and our different ways of travelling across a bench.