Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Home learning

Whilst most children are learning at home, we understand that you are likely to come across times when your child tells you 'that's not the way my teacher tells me to do it' as many taught strategies have changed since we were at school. To support families at home, we have created a bank of videos to explain the methods taught at Springhead. These can be found on the school website under the children tab, select maths, then the appropriate year group. 


Mental Maths

Please ensure children are regularly practicing these skills at home;

-Doubling (numbers up to ten)... remember to use our doubling poem,

-Halving (numbers up to ten),

-Number bonds to ten (and twenty throughout the Spring term).


The 'hit the button' game on TopMarks, which can be accessed on IPads and computers is a great game to support children's mental maths skills.


Supporting resources

-Number blocks - In class we have watched 'Blockzilla' and 'Ten Again'. These are available to watch on BBC Iplayer.

-Top Marks is an excellent website. It can also be accessed using Ipads. Click here 

number blocks good resource