Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


Our school is situated in a town on the outskirts of a northern city.  Hull has a high level of social deprivation, which some of our pupils are part of.  Economically, Hull is famous for its fishing industry and currently its link with renewable energy. 

We want to link our geography curriculum to the local area as much as possible in order to show children the importance of the area, the future prospects and how that fits into the wider world and in turn build cultural capital.

We aim to balance core knowledge (facts, locality, names and vocabulary) with a sense of place (senses, emotions, values and opinions) in order to show children the interconnections between physical and human geography, cause and effect and the impact these changes and connections have on the future.


Therefore, our curriculum aims to further:

  • Widen pupils’ understanding of their local area, its importance geographically in history and it’s features (both human and physical)
  • Explore the roll the local area plays in the human geography including the distribution of energy and resources and the impact on the area in the future.
  • Equip children with fieldwork skills to be able to make observations, investigate and continue their Geographical journey.
  • Show children how geography fits into their wider studies at school as well as playing a part in their current life and future.