Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


Events in recent history have had a big impact on our community and children.  Lack of knowledge, understanding and clarity of truth seem to be causing anxiety and misinformation for pupils.  Constant bombardment of news, fake news and social media, as well an over-reliance on technology in the home for entertainment means that children are left without the facts and although the information is all around them, cultural poverty is still present.  Lack of aspirations are also present in the community with some children lacking the desire to do well at school or seeing a reason to challenge themselves.  Some children in our school do not have a rich and varied bank of vocabulary and therefore find it hard to learn new concepts and even communicate their views and discuss historical concepts in depth.  


Our History curriculum therefore tries to equip children with the knowledge and ability to:

  • value and accept change and look at change and continuity through history and how this impacts the future (looking at the positives that come from the past mistakes).
  • understand the importance of the individual in history and how they can impact change and shape the future (inspire).
  • understand local events and people in history and the importance they have played locally, nationally and globally.
  • use the correct vocabulary to discuss historical concepts and to share their own opinions and views.
  • understand how much the past effects the present and the future and link the past to current affairs where possible.