Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School


Fun with Phonics


We do our best to make phonics memorable for the children. We work hard but have fun too.


At Springhead Primary School we believe in making phonics a practical and hands-on experience to appeal to all of our learners and to ensure maximum success for all. 


As a school we teach each sound in the order that is stated in the Letters and Sounds programme. We link an action to each sound by using the Jolly Phonics actions. For single letter sounds we also use the letter writing rhymes from Ruth Miskin's Read Write inc. scheme to help the children to visualise each letter shape as they write them. 

Phonics can be quite daunting for adults at home. For many of us this 'wasn't how we were taught to read'. The most important thing to know about phonics when working with your child to to keep the letter sounds clean and to try not to add the 'uh' sound to the end of each sound. For example, the 'r' sound is not 'ruh' but is instead 'rrrr'. Below are some videos to support you and your child at home. These are split into the different phases as laid out in the Letters and Sounds program.