Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Welcome toSpringhead Primary School

Autumn news

Mini Athletics

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a special P.E. session lead by Coach Andy and Coach Stacy from Mini Athletics. We learnt lots of new games and it was a great opportunity for us to practise our listening skills and develop our ability to work as a team.

'Every human is an artist' Don Miguel Ruiz

We love to express ourselves in Year 1! We've thought carefully about our choice of colours and used brushes of different thicknesses.

Maths - One more than...

We are learning to use the maths equipment to help us to find one more than a given number. 

Art - Colour Wheels

We are learning about the primary colours and know that blue, red and yellow are all important colours because, when mixed in different amounts can create most other colours.

Geography - UK

In geography we are learning about the UK. We know the names of the four countries that make up the UK and have used atlases to find out the names of each countries capital city, before being able to mark it on our own map of the UK.

Literacy - Bear Hunt

We are learning to retell the story of the bear hunt using props and also enjoyed a whole class outdoor adventure where we tried hard to use lots of new vocabulary. Charlie said 'this is the best lesson ever!'

Following on from this, each child created their own simple story board, again, to aid them in retelling the story. They became so familiar with the story that this then helped them to write simple sentences to create a simple retell. Check out the photos to see our fantastic writing!

Science - seasonal changes

We love to learn outdoors! In science we are learning about the seasons, so searched the school grounds for things that had fallen from the trees and discussed what may have caused them to drop off. Once we returned to the classroom, we sorted them into groups and then found a new way of sorting - into a chart! We tried really hard to use our super phonic knowledge to label each group. 

Science - Autumn Investigation

We went outdoors to search for signs of autumn. The children loved the responsibility of having their own clipboards and made notes throughout the task. Some children made a list of autumnal clues and others drew pictures.